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Wuxtry! Wuxtry!


It’s Flattery, dammit.  Accept no imitations.

The Sitch

    Henry Flattery joined the NYC police force in 1915, barely three years after arriving here as a 17-year-old on a boat.   After serving as an American infantryman during the first world war, he returned to his post in Queens and became a pioneer in the use of science and psychology in police procedurals.  With keen insight into human nature, Flattery got places quickly – rising through the ranks to Detective Captain with wings and prayers.

  Captain Flattery reported directly to the Queens District Attorney during the most tumultuous times in New York City history.  His career spanned two world wars, suffrage, prohibition, gangsters, tommy guns, the depression and beyond.  Hell, maybe if we go back far enough we can kill baby Hitler.


Shit My Brain Says

Me and Bobby Kangaroo

The Gerber Baby. That’s what he called me. This clown from Chicago thought he was some kind of captain, my captain. Little did he know this grandfather’s girl was too tall for his self.

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