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Game Warden Shot Dead By Poacher

Poacher Ambushed Two Game Officers and Blasted Shotgun from 10 feet away.
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– Case Description

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Two beagles found near the shooting scene were held as material witnesses.

Trial Summary

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Front Page Detective

Front Page Detective

Gorilla Man

by Charles P. Sullivan, Queens DA
As told to Royal Riley
Date Unknown

Front Page Detective

Dumbbells I Have Known

by Captain Henry Flattery, NYPD
November 1955


Newspaper Coverage

Game Warden Slain

A poacher fired his shotgun at the Queens Game Warden from 10 feet away and beat a second officer before fleeing through the woods.  See NYT Article

Dogs Provide Clues

Two bedraggled-looking beagle hounds picked up yesterday morning where State Game Warden William T. Cramer was murdered, are considered by the police as the best clues to the identity of the slayer. See NYT Article

Revenge as Motive

Findings by officials suggest that game warden, William T. Cramer, may have been killed by avengers from a shooting 10 years ago. Cramer killed a man and wounded another in a similar poaching incident. 

See NYT Article

Seized as Slayer of Game Warden

Frank Aldino, 33 years old, of Brooklyn, was arrested in a Newark restaurant as the man who shot and killed State Game Warden William T. Cramer in a patch of woods at Jamaica, Queens. NYT Article

Aldino Confesses to Shooting Warden

Frank Aldino has been indicted for murder although he insists the gun was fired by accident in nervousness when Cramer faced him.  NYT Article

Aldino Convicted of Killing Warden 

Frank Aldino, , who shot State Game Warden William T. Cramer to death in Idlewild Woods was convicted of second degree murder.  NYT Article

Slayer Gets 20 Year Term

Judge tells convicted man he is “fortunate to escape the chair.”  NYT Article

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