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I try all things, I achieve what I can.

Trish Cleary

Words + Pictures = Content

trish at finetoons dot com


Trish left everything on the table in third grade – especially her multiplications. Since then, she has earned a few notches on her Sick (sic) Sigma belt in corporate communications, educational publishing and instructional design.

With a focus on authentic and ethically-sourced content, Trish creates order out of chaos by whittling massive amounts of facts and ideas into a single cohesive form. From movable type to mobile phones, Trish puts every word in its place.



B.S. Journalism, Bowling Green State University

Public University known for:

  • Hockey
  • Larry Dean Harris
  • Fearless Girl
  • “Essay” by Mark Camphouse
  • Martha Rogers (Peppers Rogers Group)
  • Dick Cavett (Martha Roger’s husband)
  • Ric Ocasek
  • Joe the Plumber
  • Hockey
  • Lillian and Dorothy Gish Theater
  • The Massacre
  • Andrea Schindler
  • Everly Brothers
  • Hockey
  • Danny Ayalon
  • Eve Marie Saint
  • Scott Hamilton
  • Hockey
  • Tim Conway


BG News: Cartoonist, Reporter
Pep Band: Loud Trombone/Hockey/Basketball

Bow Hunting




• Street Where I Grew Up: Rebel Lane

• Mother’s Maiden Name: Flattery

• First Car: ’76 Ford Pinto

Trish Cleary

 Open-minded team player with
a BIG HEAD start in the
storytelling business. 

Media Influencer

First campaign resulted in more than
1,800,000 people receiving the gift of sight through corneal transplants.

Apollo Astronaut

Waitlisted for Apollo 13.  Still waiting to hear from my reach. (The Poloroid is of PJ, not me. I just said I was crew to get in.)

Fine Toons

Because stories don’t tell themselves.

I place high stakes in creating a medium that is both rare and well done.  I like a good story well told. That is the reason I am sometimes forced to tell them myself.

  • Humor
  • Words
  • Illustrations
  • Hunger