Assist and Goal!

When our medical brigades are in the field, Americares is there with an assist. Through the donation of medical supplies and medicine, Americares gives our doctors, health promoters, social workers and communities a shot at delivering health and hope.


When we met 9-year old Cheyli, she had never been to school…ever.  Her club feet kept her home, far from the path of a hopeful future.

Teaming Up

Our partners and team stepped up to arrange foot surgery and extensive aftercare for Cheyli, as well as support for her family.


Carrying On

Cheyli is in school full time now and receives physical therapy.  It was a joy for us to purchase her first pair of shoes! 






Americares donates antibiotics, wound care supplies and bandage wraps to help our community-based health programs.

Refilling Hope

We work within communities alongside Honduran practitioners. Americares’ donations put resources directly into the hands of physicians and on the shelves of clinics, giving them the means to serve their own population.

Making Strides

We’re making a big imprint on community-based health In our little corner of Honduras. Practitioners here collaborate with us to deliver world-class health care and education in the Opatoro and Santa Ana Regions. We are the only NGO offering health services in this area.

Community Health Partners

We work with community leaders to understand institutional structures and how to work within them. The local doctors and nurses, health promoters and village advocates guide us with expert knowledge for providing best practices.

Jhony Argueta

Santa Anna Health Promoter


Dr. Antunez Vasquez

One World Surgery