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Eleventh-Hour Tickets to Stir

Until a few days before, Officer O’Brien had been a detective detailed to the Manhattan pickpocket squad. The city’s fashion-plate Police Commissioner had broken him and sent him back to pounding the streets. As a result O’Brien was unaccustomed to a harness-bull’s apparel and still was struggling to get out his revolver when the rush of the bandits swept him off his feet.

Wake of the Dawn Patrol

From Harlem to Queens the mob had plundered–now murder was added to their crimes. By David WrayMob slaying  The Wake of the Dawn PatrolAt Jamaica Avenue and Merrick Rd. a motorman saw a waiting taxi, its motor racing. Just around the corner was Mahairas' restaurant....

The Clue of the Chain Letter

There was no direct evidence, but the detectives knew how to make the guilty conscience of a murderer work for justice.

Alarm Out for Saboteurs

Three men in a late model sedan are believed to be responsible for cutting six cables on telephone poles in Queens. Several of the sabotaged cables are in the vicinity of war plants.

New York’s Riddle of the Floating Corpse

Stabbed 15 times in the chest and back, a man’s body in Jamaica Bay, N.Y., offered police a baffling mystery. But a tiny slip of paper led them at last to the killer shown here in custody.

Barrel Murder

The body of a comely woman, was found crammed into a barrel on the rocky shore line of Queens, about 500 feet east of Hell Gate Bridge.

9 Held as Robbers After Hotel Raid

All Plead Not Guilty to Hold-Up of Ex-District Attorney in Office in Jamaica, Queens. IN PRISON AT TIME, 2 SAY Arrests Made When Detectives Take Over Hostelry, Even Manning Elevators.

Former Prosecutor Bound and Robbed

Charles Froessel, Special Counsel to the Justice Department, was bound and robbed in his Queens office. The thieves were captured after detectives raided the Manhattan hotel in which they were staying.


Acting Detective Henry Flattery, head of the Jamaica squad, recently shared in a citation for “excellent police duty” in connection with the arrest of the Rifle Gang of bandits who received long terms at Sing Sing.

The St. Albans Bank Heist

Handkerchiefs were knotted over their faces. One carried a Thompson sub-machine gun, another an automatic shotgun. The third gripped a revolver in each hand. Thus they pushed through the inner door. 

One Move and I’ll Kill You

By Donald RichardsHeavy clouds presaging rain scudded acreoss the sky as a black Ford V8 sedan backed into a parking space in front of the St. Albans branch of the Bank of Manhattan Company on Linden Boulevard in Queens County, New York City. It was 12:50 o'clock,...

Prosecution Rests

T. Norman Palmer, the reporter covering the investigation and who was present during the police interviews, was excused from testifying in the case against the bandits.


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Notre Dame

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