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3 Boys Steal Police Pistol and Kill a Man

Two brothers, 11 and 13, along with their 13 year-old friend, stole a loaded police revolver. They used the gun in a failed holdup, and later that night, a murder of a vagrant.

Tong War Arsenal Seized

A stockpile of guns and ammunition, possibly for future Tong wars, was seized from a chop suey restaurant in Queens.

Former ADA Robbed in Office

Five armed men held up Charles Froessel, former First Assistant District Attorney of Queens County, in his law office on the seventh floor of a building at 161-19 Jamaica Avenue,

Boy Shot Seeking to See Movie Free

Three boys drew the fire of three patrolmen as they tried to slip into Loew;s Valencia Theater in Jamaica, Queens. One boy was shot through the right side of the chest.

Rifle Gang Robbers

The Rifle Gang Brazen Thieves Terrorize Brooklyn and Queens 1934 - 1936- Case Description Currently Under Investigation Charges of Police Brutality  Cabbies Brave Shootout Drivers Scare Off Gang Rifle Gang Robs Cigar Store Not Far From Police Post Rifle Bandit Wounded...

Murch Murder Trial

Read All About It!Brooklyn Eagle Feb. 16, 1933Chum Slays Boy for "Snitching" Feb. 17, 1933Another Held in Bender Boy Slaying Probe Feb. 18, 1933Asks First Degree Murder Charge in Boy Killing Feb. 20, 1933Boy Murder Suspect Seen "Misunderstood" Feb. 21, 1933Slayer...

Teen Kills 12-Year Old Boy

Twelve year old Willie Bender had been tied with a rope and stabbed in the heart by his 15-year old “friend.”

Gorilla Man

From Front Page Detective. A torn sleeve and a crimson trail of illicit love sealed the fate of the killer of the game warden.

Game Warden Shot Point Blank

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Ruth Snyder/Judd Gray Murderers

For months before her execution in 1928, the Daily News and other New York tabloids told lurid stories of how Ruth Snyder and Judd Gray, murdered Snyder’s husband. The bungled crime featured an affair, a grisly murder and a planned insurance scam. In its coverage, the press turned the case into a media circus.


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Notre Dame

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