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The Dumbbell Murder

This crime of passion and stupidity paved the way for a generation of detective novels, film noir and insurance claims. As the biggest case in Henry Flattery’s 12 years on the force, the “dumbell murder ” had dividends that paid in spades.

Teen Kills 12-Year Old Boy

Twelve year old Willie Bender had been tied with a rope and stabbed in the heart by his 15-year old “friend.”

Former ADA Robbed in Office

Five armed men held up Charles Froessel, former First Assistant District Attorney of Queens County, in his law office on the seventh floor of a building at 161-19 Jamaica Avenue,

The St. Albans Bank Heist

Handkerchiefs were knotted over their faces. One carried a Thompson sub-machine gun, another an automatic shotgun. The third gripped a revolver in each hand. Thus they pushed through the inner door. 


Leave It To The Girls

The faithful ladies of the underworld will do almost anything for their gangster husbands and sweethearts — sometimes even help them get caught.

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Dumbbells I Have Known

This Captain Flattery story includes a ruthless hit-and-run, the cupcake murderer and the notorious Ruth Snyder/Judd Gray “double indemnity” murder.

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Look for a Blabbermouth

From the pages of Front Page Detective – I never found honor among thieves. The only thing that kept them from talking was a strip of fear a mile wide. One of the first mottos I learned was: “To catch a thief, ask another.”

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21 Wife Deserters Seized in Florida

Every February, Detectives from the Queens District Attorney’s Abandonment Squad, takes a trip to sunny Florida to end the “vacations” of men who have abandoned their wives and children in the borough of Queens.

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Edmond C. Rowan Accidentally Shoots Self

Dr. Thomas Draper, the family physician, called Henry Flattery immediately after the accident was discovered. 6 decades later, Dr. Draper's son, also Dr. Thomas Draper, became friends with Henry Flattery's granddaughter in Newtown, Connecticut. Read more about one of...

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Dead Dogs Wag No Tales

July 4, 1943   Dear Captain Flattery: Here are the stories I thought your folks would be interested in reading because you are featured in each story. I find that I've featured you in 15 stories, but I can find copies of the published versions or copies of the...

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