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Storied Tabloids

The blurry full page photo of Ruth Snyder’s jolting body appeared on the front page of the Daily News on January 13, the day after her execution. By the end of the day, the paper sold more than 1.5 million copies.

Now that photography was in the picture, Newspapers could give readers vivid depictions of lurid crimes that live on to this day.   

21 Wife Deserters Seized in Florida

Every February, Detectives from the Queens District Attorney’s Abandonment Squad, takes a trip to sunny Florida to end the “vacations” of men who have abandoned their wives and children in the borough of Queens.

Edmond C. Rowan Accidentally Shoots Self

Dr. Thomas Draper, the family physician, called Henry Flattery immediately after the accident was discovered. 6 decades later, Dr. Draper's son, also Dr. Thomas Draper, became friends with Henry Flattery's granddaughter in Newtown, Connecticut. Read more about one of...

Alarm Out for Saboteurs

Three men in a late model sedan are believed to be responsible for cutting six cables on telephone poles in Queens. Several of the sabotaged cables are in the vicinity of war plants.

Barrel Murder

The body of a comely woman, was found crammed into a barrel on the rocky shore line of Queens, about 500 feet east of Hell Gate Bridge.

9 Held as Robbers After Hotel Raid

All Plead Not Guilty to Hold-Up of Ex-District Attorney in Office in Jamaica, Queens. IN PRISON AT TIME, 2 SAY Arrests Made When Detectives Take Over Hostelry, Even Manning Elevators.

Former Prosecutor Bound and Robbed

Charles Froessel, Special Counsel to the Justice Department, was bound and robbed in his Queens office. The thieves were captured after detectives raided the Manhattan hotel in which they were staying.


Acting Detective Henry Flattery, head of the Jamaica squad, recently shared in a citation for “excellent police duty” in connection with the arrest of the Rifle Gang of bandits who received long terms at Sing Sing.