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Most Wanted

Time to Pay Debt to Society


The usual suspects have  been submitted into evidence.
Full disclosure: I get vigs on these things.


Wake of the Dawn Patrol

From Harlem to Queens the mob had plundered–now murder was added to their crimes. By David WrayMob slaying  The Wake of the Dawn PatrolAt Jamaica Avenue and Merrick Rd. a motorman saw a waiting taxi, its motor racing. Just around the corner was Mahairas' restaurant....

Alarm Out for Saboteurs

Three men in a late model sedan are believed to be responsible for cutting six cables on telephone poles in Queens. Several of the sabotaged cables are in the vicinity of war plants.

Barrel Murder

The body of a comely woman, was found crammed into a barrel on the rocky shore line of Queens, about 500 feet east of Hell Gate Bridge.